If you have a tiny crack in your windshield, it can be tempting to just go and pick up a DIY windshield repair kit that contains some resin to put into the crack with a little piece of curing film. Although these DIY windshield repair kits provide you with the basic tools to fix a chip in your windshield, they don't provide you with the knowledge and expertise to know exactly what to do to fix your windshield as perfectly as possible. Here are three reasons why you should ditch the DIY repair kit and let a professional handle the repair of your windshield.

#1: It's Affordable

One of the biggest reasons why you should not purchase a DIY kit, research how to fix your windshield yoursel,f and invest the time into actually fixing your windshield so is that window repair rates are really affordable. If you have a really small chip on your windshield, you may only have to pay between $10–$60 to have it repaired. If you have a big crack, it may only cost between $50–$150 to fix it. The rates are not that expensive, and repair quotes are usually free, so before you try to fix your windshield on your own, get a quote to see if it is really worth the time and effort to do it on your own.

#2: It Saves You Time

It does not take very long for a repair technician to fix your windshield. A highly trained windshield-repair technician can fix a chip in less than the amount of time that you probably get for your lunch break. Fixing a windshield chip is a really quick job that only takes a few minutes to complete for someone with the right experience and tools. On the other hand, if you choose to do the repair yourself, you are first going to need to determine what type of crack you have on your windshield, research how to repair that type of crack, purchase the tools to do so, and then actually try and do it yourself. It can be a very long and involved process when you are not an expert.

#3: Access to Different Tools

Finally, when you purchase a DIY windshield repair kit, you are only given access to a generic resin. When you have a professional fix up your windshield, they are able to select from a variety of high-quality resins. They will base the resin that they use to repair your vehicle with on the specific type of damage to your windshield and the temperature of your windshield. A different type of resin should be used in fixing your windshield if it is -5 degrees outside than will be used if the thermostat is hitting 100 degrees. A technician will be able to take all of these factors into account and choose the resin that will most likely get the job done for you. 

Talk to a professional like Fenza's Auto Body Inc. to get an estimate for how much it will cost you to have them repair the chip in your windshield.