When winter is approaching, many drivers know to ensure that their vehicle's safety kit is properly stocked. A blanket, candles and other similar products can help you stay warm and safe in the event of a breakdown in cold weather, but it's also important to think about buying the products that you can use to prevent problems with your vehicle. While an appointment at a trusted automotive shop is the right way to deal with any lingering issues, here are some products that can provide short-term solutions to some common winter driving problems in the meantime.

Gas Line Antifreeze

Typically sold in small, single-used bottles, gas line antifreeze is a valuable ally for your vehicle when it's cold outside. Keeping a few bottles in your garage and adding the contents of a bottle when to your gas tank when it's exceptionally cold outside can prevent issues related to your gas freezing. If you consistently have trouble with your engine during the winter, it's still smart to schedule an appointment with your mechanic. In the meantime, however, gas line antifreeze can help ensure your vehicle starts properly in the morning if you live in an area where the temperature can wreak havoc on your gas.

Lock De-Icer

A small bottle of lock de-icer will help you insert your key into a lock that has frozen shut. While it's true that a remote entry system means that you won't have to worry about manually unlocking your vehicle's doors, a bottle of lock de-icer is a valuable backup plan if your remote entry battery is dead or if you drive an older vehicle. This small bottle has a tiny nozzle that you insert in the lock; squeezing the bottle releases a spray that will quickly thaw any ice that has accumulated. Remember to keep your bottle of de-icer in your coat or purse – it won't do you any help in your glove compartment.

Portable Battery Jump Starter

While a fellow motorist can help you jump start your vehicle when it won't start because of the cold, it's prudent to take matters into your own hands by keeping a portable battery jump starter in your vehicle's trunk. This device essentially mirrors getting jump started from another vehicle – you clip the cables to your battery terminals, activate the starter on the device and your battery should get enough power to start your vehicle. If your battery is consistently dying on you, however, it's beneficial to visit your local auto shop, a place like Precision Automotive, to have it replaced.