When planning your wedding, one important factor to remember to plan is your limo rental. There are many different things to take into consideration when planning your limo rental though. The following guide walks you through everything you need to consider when booking a limo for your wedding.

Consider the Style of Limo You Want

The first thing you need to consider is the style of limo you want for your big day. There are stretch limos that are very large and some that are smaller so that you do not create an over-the-top look. There are also limos available that are colored or that feature a cow print with steer horns on the hood that would be ideal for country weddings.

Consider the How Long You Need the Limo

Next, you need to consider the times when you need the limo. There are some people who choose to take a limo from their wedding ceremony to their reception only. There are other people who choose to have the limo take them to the reception and to take them to the airport when they head out on their honeymoon too. You need to decide where and when you need the limo.

Consider the Exact Time You Want the Limo to Arrive

Consider the time you want the limo to arrive at the wedding location. Have the limo arrive twenty to thirty minutes before you need to take the limo to your reception so that you can rest assured the limo will be readily available, especially if the ceremony ends sooner than you thought

Consider the Attire of the Limo Driver

Finally, you need to consider what you want the limo driver to wear when they pick you up. The driver will have to get out of the limo to open up the door for you and your spouse. If everyone else will be dressed in tuxes, you want to be sure to request that the driver wears a tux as well so that they can match everyone else when pictures are taken of you and your spouse getting into the limo.

Once you have considered all of these factors, you can meet with the limo company to make all of the arrangements. Be sure to book your limo as soon as you can to ensure that you can schedule it for the day that you need it, for the times that you need it.

For more information and ideas, talk with a limousine service in your area, such as United Limousine Service.