When you have lost a car title to a car you have owned for a while, it is usually easy to get a copy of it from the state. The problem occurs when you have only recently bought the car and you have lost the title before you have had the chance to register it. In that instance, you are likely to have only a limited period of time before you are violating the law and therefore, it is very important to be aware of the following options for getting a new title.

#1-Determine If A Bill Of Sale Will Be Sufficient To Get A New Title

It is first important to note that the laws vary from one state to another about car titles. Some states will allow you to use the bill of sale that was provided by the previous owner to get a bonded title. A bonded title is a title that has been verified in extra ways from the state and will allow you to comply with the law to register the vehicle, once it has been processed.

If you do not have a bill of sale, you may also be able to use a receipt or even your processed check for the payment in its place. If you similarly lack that proof, it may be time to proceed to the next step.

#2-Contact The Previous Owner

Hopefully, you still have or can retrieve the contact owner for the person that you bought your vehicle from. If so, it is a good idea to contact that person and after explaining what happened, ask if they can get another copy of the title.

Doing so will be beneficial for them as well, since if the vehicle is not in your name yet, it is typically still their legal responsibility. Any tickets or insurance issues that you accrue while in the car could easily bounce back to them. You should plan to cover the expense of the title and perhaps a bit extra for their time and trouble.

#3-When All Else Fails, Call The State

If you have attempted to get a new title to no avail and were similarly unable to get help from the previous owner, it is time to call the state. You are not the first person in this situation and your state may be able to point you in the right direction, to find any other options that would allow you to legally register your new vehicle.

In conclusion, getting an extra copy of a lost car title when you have only bought the car recently is very challenging. While some states give you options, it is often necessary to go back to the previous owner and ask them to get the copy. Regardless, it is best to act promptly or risk accruing a ticket for failing to register the vehicle within the time period required by the laws in your state. Contact a company, like Vintage Titles, for more help.