It's important for you to know the first signs that there is something wrong with your car's transmission. Knowing about a problem early allows you to seek repairs early before small transmission problems turn into total transmission failure and the requirement for a complete rebuild or replacement.

Signs There is a Problem With Your Car's Transmission

There are four basic signs that signal a transmission problem, including the following:

  • the transmission will not shift into gear
  • the transmission's gears slip while driving
  • the transmission hesitates before shifting into gear
  • there is a red puddle of fluid below the car

Here is some information on each of these symptoms:

Transmission Will Not Shift into Gear

When an automatic transmission will not shift into gear, then it may have a problem with its clutch or the transmission fluid may be dirty and in need of changing.

Transmission's Gears Slip While Driving

If you are happily driving down the road and all of a sudden your car shifts out of gear and into neutral, then it may have an issue with its onboard computer, excessive gear wear, or a worn out linkage. Each of these problems can be repaired without having to replace the transmission.

Transmission Hesitates Before Shifting into Gear

A hesitation or lack of response to your transmission's need to shift gears signals an issue with a faulty clutch or computer delay problem. The clutch can be replacedWhen is, and a computer delay issue can be reprogrammed in the computer.

Red Puddle of Fluid Below the Car

Transmissions require a special fluid for lubrication, and transmission fluid is bright red in color. If you ever see a red puddle of fluid below your car, then it is leaking transmission fluid. There are many places where transmission fluid can leak from, including:

  • at the base of the filler tube
  • at the drain hole on the base of the transmission
  • between the transmission and the engine block

Also, just as an oil filter is often the place that oil will leak, the same can be said for transmission fluid filters. The filter is a common leaking point and is easily fixed by changing the transmission's fluid and filter.

Repairing Transmission Problems

Finally, it is important to understand that while a mechanic's shop can diagnose transmission problems, repairing a damaged transmission requires the specialized tools used in a transmission repair shop. If your car has a major transmission problem, then you can expect that your mechanic will refer you to a transmission shop to obtain the necessary repairs on your car. For more information, contact a company like Wolfe's Foreign Auto