As a commercial truck driver, getting to each destination as safely and as quickly as possible is important. For this reason, it's not uncommon for drivers to overlook minor vehicle problems in order to ensure they are remaining on schedule. However, particularly when it comes to tires, this is a huge mistake. There are a number of signs that indicate tire maintenance is no longer an option, but instead a priority. Make certain you know how to recognize these signs to keep your truck safe on the road.

Tire Pressure Light

A number of drivers overlook the tire pressure light as a minor issue. This is especially true if the light has been on for an extended period of time. In some cases, when the light remains on for a long time this is an indication that the pressure gauge system is not functioning correctly.

When this system is not functioning properly, the truck's monitoring system is likely not getting an accurate pressure reading for your tires. In this type of situation, you could be driving on tires that are dangerously under-inflated or even overinflated. Both of these scenarios increase wear on your tires and the risk of a blowout. If the tire pressure light fails to go off even after you have added air to the tires, it's time to get the pressure gauge serviced.

Excessive Tire Noise

By design, trucks aren't exactly the quietest vehicles to operate. However, if you've been behind the wheel long enough, you should be able to distinguish between typical and unusual sounds. Always keep your ears open for tire noises. If you can hear your tires hit every bump or groove in the pavement, these are signs you don't want to ignore. These sounds are a sign that there is a problem.

Under-inflated tires or excessive tread wear are just a couple of the problems that could cause your tires to make excessive noise. However, this could also be an indication that there is a problem with your wheel bearings. Tires aren't necessarily meant to be silent, but they also aren't meant to be loud. Make sure you are addressing any concerns.

When your truck is disabled with a tire problem, you're likely losing out on valuable income. Always keep your eyes and ears open for tire problems. As an added protective measure, keep the contact information of a mobile truck repair company on hand to ensure you can get your truck repaired as quickly as possible.