Whether you are using the factory speakers that came with your car or have invested in new speakers for an even better sound, your speakers are one of the most important parts of your car stereo system. Unfortunately, speakers can blow for seemingly no reason, right when you are truly enjoying your music. If you know what generally causes blown speakers, however, you can help protect your equipment so that you don't have to deal with this costly issue. These are a few of the most common things that can cause your speakers to blow.

1. Too Much Bass

Even though you might be all about the bass, you should know that higher bass levels can cause your speakers to deteriorate over time and eventually blow. You might love the way that your stereo sounds when your bass is turned all the way up, but you should use your equalizer to adjust it to the proper settings. Overall, your bass should not be turned up any higher than your treble if you want to help protect your speakers and other stereo components.

2. Too Much Volume

You probably love the way that your speakers sound when your stereo is turned all the way up, but if you want to preserve your system for as long as possible, you should turn the volume down a little bit. If the volume is too loud, it can eventually cause your speakers to blow. Keep your volume turned down to around half of your system's maximum volume or below for best results.

3. Failure to Use a Speaker Cover

To help prevent your speakers from blowing, you should always keep them covered with an outer speaker cover. This cover can become torn over time, or it can fall off or become removed when you're moving things around in your car. If your speaker covers become damaged in any way, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. Otherwise, your speakers could be at risk of developing holes or other damage that will seriously affect the sound.

A blown speaker doesn't sound too good and doesn't do your stereo system any justice. Plus, blown speakers can get expensive when you have to replace them. Therefore, you should avoid doing these three things if you want to keep your speakers in good shape so that you can enjoy your system without having to spend money on replacement parts. If your speaker does blow out, get it fixed as soon as possible by visiting a repair specialist like those at Safe & Sound.